Welcome to a magical culinary journey in the heart of Warsaw - to Innocent Wizards, where we have created for you a unique tasting experience of all the spirits available in our charming restaurant. Indulge your senses and succumb to fascinating flavors that sensationally blend with a variety of liquors to create an unforgettable culinary story. At Innocent Wizards, we know that every alcoholic beverage is not just a drink, but also a story of tradition, passion and history. Our tasting is a passionate encounter with the wealth of flavors, aromas and cultures that hide behind each glass of pleasure.
Our team of chefs will create a special menu that will harmonize perfectly with the individual spirits. Each dish is like a spell that opens the gates of taste excitement and discovery. We invite groups of 6 or more to enjoy this culinary adventure together. Sharing experiences, commenting on each bite and pint in magical company creates a unique atmosphere, full of laughter and interesting conversations. Visit Innocent Wizards and join our tasting ceremony, which is art and magic in one.