Juicy Marbles' vegan meat

What makes juicy marbles' meat so special?

A true whole cut experience

Unlike conventional plant-based burgers, sausages, and nuggets,  Juicy Marbles' meats are prime, thick cuts that make for a more indulgent and traditional meat-eating experience. 


With its thousands of fibers of plant-based protein and ribbons of natural fat, Juicy Marbles’ meats have a ‘whole-muscle’ texture that give you the satisfying tenderness, bite, and buttery mouthfeel you expect from a whole cut of meat. The golden-brown crust provides the outer crisp, while the center stays soft and juicy.

Unbelievable Flavor

The flavor is aromatic, umami, and meaty, without any of the unwanted aftertaste you get from other plant-based meats.

Health Benefits

Juicy Marbles’ meats score a perfect ‘A’ on the Nutriscore scale. When you eat Juicy Marbles, you get a complete amino acid profile, lower saturated fat and cholesterol than conventional beef, 20g of protein per serving, and a generous helping of B12, iron, and fiber.

How it’s made

Unlike most meat-alternatives, Juicy Marbles' meats are made using only naturally derived, non-GMO ingredients, like non-GMO soy and beetroot.

full creative control

Juicy Marbles' meats perform like whole-muscle across cooking methods. This allows to play with plant-based cuts and styles that were impossible until now. 


Roślinny filet stek, risotto milanese na bulionie pomidorowym, szafran, cytrusowy dressing, rukiew wodna, groszek cukrowy, oliwa szczypiorkowa

Vegetable fillet steak, risotto milanese on tomato broth, saffron, citrus dressing, watercress, sugar snap peas, chives oil

109 PLN

Roślinny fillet steak, demi glace z pieczonych warzyw, aksamitka, smażony ziemniak, wegańskie cytrusowe majo, aksamitka, świeże zioła

Vegetable fillet steak, roasted vegetable demi glace, marigold, fried potato, vegan citrus mayo, marigold, fresh herbs

119 PLN

Roślinny wellington, duxelles z pieczarek, demi glace z pieczonych warzyw, aksamitka, świeże zioła

Vegetable wellington, mushroom duxelles, roasted vegetable demi-glace, French marigold, fresh herbs

139 PLN